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We honoured our club's Past Presidents with a plaque that will be placed on our "wall of fame".
The plaque names 14 Presidents since 1982

Malcolm Scott 1982 -1984
Marie VanClieaf 1984 - 1986
George Irvine 1986 - 1989
Bruce Fulford 1989 - 1992
Doreen Wheeler 1992 - 1996
John Roberts 1996 - 1997
Gary Winter 1997 - 1998
Bob Lawson 1998 - 2000
Ted Baker 2000 - 2002
Marlene Parker 2002 - 2004
Bob Lawson 2004 - 2006
Hugh Knox 2006 - 2008
Al McDonald 2008 - 2010
Pat VanGeytenbeek 2010 - 2014

Four of our Past Presidents were in attendance.
They are:(Left to Right)
Pat VanGeytenbeek,
Hugh Knox,
Doreen Wheeler
Al McDonald.

We have a new welcome sign

New Curling Stones
Our new Stones have been delivered from Canada Curling Stones to replace our existing stones that were in excess of 50 years old!
Red-Brown Treffor Granite Stones have been selected and are ready for our new season.

New club Brooms, Grippers and Sliders

Special note to all Members and Visitors

We are asking for your consideration with regards to the use of scents, colognes and perfumes while in our club.
Several of our curlers suffer from asthma and recently one individual was forced to leave the club due to a scent that someone was wearing while curling.
Some of us may be not be aware that certain chemicals used in perfumes and colognes will cause reactions in some of our curlers and guests.
Asthma can be very frightening to the sufferer and those who witness an attack.
Please do your part by refraining wearing any scented products while in the club.
To make our curling facility healthy and safe, we need everyone's support to make our club a scent free environment.
We very much appreciate your cooperation in this matter.



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Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Baysville Curling Club to provide a safe, clean and friendly environment which offers the opportunity to enjoy fellowship and sport.
We are dedicated to the promotion of curling by providing an affordable, enjoyable, and social activity for people of all skill levels, from beginner to experienced.